Manage Deviations in a GMP Environment


What will you learn?

We want to eliminate deviations as far as possible. The reality is that they occur. Because deviations can happen in virtually every aspect of GxP, we might be confronted with them every day! It is therefore important to learn how to manage deviations efficiently, and to ensure they are documented properly.
This training module offers information on the thinking behind the effective investigation of deviations. Once you understand the methodology, you will be able to manage minor deviations, where you need to document the investigation in a quick and efficient manner. Furthermore, you will also be confident to apply this knowledge to difficult and complex deviations, which can take hours or even days to document.

Who will benefit from this course?

Pharmacists in distribution who need to better understand deviation management or need a refresher.
Pharmacists who want to pursue a career in Industry.
Pharmacy Interns or Community Pharmacists who want to pursue or consider a career in Industry.