African Traditional Medicines

African Traditional Medicines – Drug-herb interactions & Regulations.


What will you learn?

It has been estimated that 72% of the Black African population use African Traditional Medicine (ATM), and the average frequency of use per consumer placed at 4.8 times per year. Pharmacy professionals can correctly assume that many patients they dispense to and counsel on the use of medicines will be using or will have used traditional and complementary medicine at some point. The likelihood that the traditional and complementary medicines were used concurrently with allopathic medicine can also be assumed to be high. Pharmacy professionals should therefore be in a position to give advice to these patients on the safe use of all their medicines. This training module has been designed to provide retail and hospital pharmacy personnel with a deeper understanding on the general considerations when it comes to African Traditional Medicine.

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Retail and Hospital Pharmacists.
  • Interns or Community Pharmacists working in retail or hospital pharmacy.
  • Pharmacy support personnel like Pharmacist Assistants working in retail or hospital pharmacy.
  • Pharmacy students and Pharmacist Assistant students.