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Build your Career with CPD training
that turns theory into practice

Bridging the gap between professional tertiary education and the
needs of the pharmaceutical industry.


CPD Training Modules for Pharmacists

We make CPD compliance for SAPC convenient and valuable for your career. Our CPD courses are easy to access and you can do it in your own time, wherever you are.
All our modules include real-life, practical examples, so that you can apply this in your day-to-day tasks, to better execute your responsibilities, or to upskill yourself for a position in Industry.
After successful completion, we issue certificates as evidence of your CPD completion.

Quality Management courses for Industry

We offer a wide range of GxP, GMP & GDP (GWP) courses tailor-made for the Commercial, Manufacturing and Distribution environments in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Our courses are available on-line which offer flexibility and convenience to individuals and groups of employees. All our modules include real-life, practical examples and exercises that will empower employees to work with accuracy and insight. After successful completion, we issue certificates that can be added to Training records. Please contact us for group rates.

Access to QA & RA Experts

The group of associates that we work with are all seasoned QA & RA specialists with a minimum of 15 years senior management experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Contact us if you need a Confidential expert opinion or advice on a technical matter.


The current reality
in the Pharma Industry

The South African & African Pharmaceutical Industry needs skilled professionals, but it can be difficult to get into Industry or to build your career in Industry for several reasons:

  • Graduate science professionals are not well equipped with specific job-related skills to enter the pharmaceutical industry after graduation, and therefore struggle to get into industry.
  • When already working in Industry it is difficult to find opportunity to further build your skill and capabilities in a large number of pharmaceutical areas to further expand your career. There are limited practical training courses available to equip you to work in areas of QA, Regulatory and other Technical areas within the pharmaceutical industry.
  • While CPD is now mandatory for Pharmacists, it is difficult to find training modules that will add meaningful value to your CPD efforts.
  • Training needs have shifted. Professionals are looking for training modules they can do at their own time and pace, but still provide valuable learning outcomes.

We fill the gap by offering a large variety of Real Life Practical pharmaceutical training topics

From Theory to Practice

Our Focus

PharmaSkills is a pharma training company focused on the technical training needs of the Pharma Industry. We believe that for graduate professionals to be successful in the Pharma Industry, it is essential to understand where science meets business.

What We Offer

A large variety of practical CPD training modules for B.Pharm (and other science graduates), who want to pursue a career in the Pharma Industry, or already working in Industry, but looking for a more in-depth understanding or a refresher on various topics.

Value to Industry

Pharmaceutical companies who need to upskill their team will also benefit from our training modules. We want to passionately grow skill and talent for the Industry, which in turn will contribute to the success of our local pharmaceutical Industry.

Practical – Online – Convenient – Valuable

Our Years of Pharma Industry experience and practical application sets us apart